Visiting Researchers and Videographers

In addition to our daily conservation projects, we are also equipped to facilitate visiting researchers or videographers & film makers. Please contact us with a description of your project or study and we can provide you with all of the details of our capacity to support it.

Researchers and other scientific professionals

In the past we have hosted world-renown coral reef researchers such as Dr. Bette Willis, Dr. Bert Hoskema, Dr. Christian Voolstra and many others. Our program can provide a wide range of logistical support and invaluable local knowledge to facilitate a wide range of studies. Additionally, we can also provide the support of our conservation diving staff and trained interns for data and sample collections. In many cases we can provide the use of our team at no cost, but do ask that the visitor either do a talk or lecture for our students or else acknowledge our participation in any publications or reports. Examples of some of the ways our program can contribute to your efforts include:

  • Providing Tanks, SCUBA Equipt., dedicated boat, or other diving related needs
  • Providing logistical support and helping to plan dives and studies to target various needs or areas of interest
  • Allowing access to our 7 years worth of monitoring data, pictures, videos, reports, etc.
  • Providing trained volunteers to assist on data collection or other needs
  • Networking with other researchers or government bodies in Thailand
  • Storage and lab space
  • Survey and scientific equipment

Videographers, Filmmakers, and Journalists

The fact our team is runs daily coral reef monitoring and conservation projects means that we dive all over the island, not just at the typical dive sites. After 7 years of exploration and observation we have some of the best knowledge on the local reefs. As one of the main leaders of the Save Koh Tao Community Group we are also well informed about all of the conservation realted issues and projects on the island.
In the past we have helped many visiting filmmakers get the shots they want, with the subjects they like, in the conditions they need. As a small dive school we are flexible in our boat schedules and, outside of peak season, can generally dedicate a dive boat just for your project.
Prices will vary depending on the needs of the project and the number of dives, please email us directly for a specific price quote. In the past we have supported the filming of coral reef conservation related documentaries by providing free or greatly discounted diving, tanks, and boat fees. If you feel your project would meet this criterion please email us with a full description of the project, a list of other supporters, the intended use, etc.

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