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PADI Ecological Monitoring Program (EMP)

This course is designed to give experienced divers an opportunity to learn about coral reefs, perform a reef check, and contribute to the database used to monitor Koh Tao’s coral reefs. By increasing awareness and involvement, we hope to decrease our impacts on coral reefs and provide solutions to protecting and restoring the reefs around the island. Most of the successful projects involving restoring reefs around the world have been performed by small groups and communities, not governments or policy makers. We hope to continue this tradition and do what we can to protect the environment where we live.

After completing the course, students will know how to perform the reef research methods with schools participating in the Ecological Monitoring Program (EMP) and can return to help with data collection. From the program, they will gain knowledge about coral reefs and their inhabitants. Students will learn to identify indicator fish and invertebrate species as well as coral and substrate types, gain experience working with equipment underwater and also practice buoyancy and navigation skills.

Students who complete the training can then volunteer to assist with the monthly EMP’s and take their knowledge to other areas in the world.   This course is designed to give students an instruction to coral reef ecology and how to view the reef scientifically by assessing key biotic and abiotic reef components. The course teaches students how to use real world scientific sampling and survey techniques and certifies them to conduct their own surveys and report data back to the online database.


Prerequisites: Advanced Open Water Diver

Minimum Age: 12

Number of dives: 4

Price with cert card: 7,625 Baht

Note: There are now many locations where you can become certified in the EMP Program, but only at New Heaven can you train with the author of the manual and the certification program. With over 7 years of experience conducting and teaching this research program there is no better place to learn it than at the NHRCP.



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