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Internships/Thesis Projects

There is no better way to enrich and solidify your education than participating in ‘real world’ work and internship experiences. As a larger percentage of people are attending universities each year, it is vital that students looking for work after graduation set themselves apart by having experience in areas of their major. At New Heaven, we are proud to offer students the unique experience of not only getting certified and working on marine and island conservation and management projects, but also the experience of being and assistant instructor to new students through are internship programs.

We have helped many students complete academic internships (Master’s Thesis, PhD Thesis, undergraduate honors or degree projects) or training for position with conservation groups elsewhere in the world. Because of our small program size you will get one-on-one assistance and get to participate in a wide range of activities in a leadership position. Internships process and programs vary per student, please contact the conservation team directly for more information about these opportunities.


**Note: Our internship program has become more competitive in recent years, please book early.  In case the months you want are already full, Those wishing to stay longer are advised to enroll in the 4 week program, and then stay on for additional time as volunteers at 18,000 THB per month.**

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Certification: You will receive training in all of the Conservation Diver courses, and are eligible for to receive all of the offered certifications, however only 4 are included in the course price. If you would like to receive more than 4 certs., they can be purchased for an additional 500 THB each. You also receive a letter of recommendation from the NHRCP, and any other documentation or assistance you need which we can provide.


Marine Conservation Internship

Marine conservation interns design a new artificial reef structure.

Description: The internship program is directed a university students pursuing a career in coral reef conservation or management. Please note however that anybody can participate in our intern program, but university students will be given preference in bookings The internship can be completed by any range of students, from pre-college through PhD level. Often, students receive can receive credit from their universities for the time spent here. The internship consists of the 4 Week program, plus 2 additional months of working as an assistant instructor for the program, diving everyday and pursuing whichever projects you are most interested in while helping new students in the course. For Masters or PhD students, we also offer the following assistance:

  • Thesis question planning
  • Literature review and thesis background help, access to previous student papers
  • Equipment, materials, data collection assistants, and other resources for completing a thesis
  • Plus access to our extended database of previously collected data and photographs


Cost: 50,000 THB for the first 3 months, then 10,000 THB per each additional month (must have prior approval, max. 6 months)

Includes: All diving costs, Lecture/Presentation on theory, 4 Conservation Diver certifications, Course materials, the Ecological Monitoring Program Manual and Slate, insurance (covers only accidents during diving or on the boat).


Course Requirements: To begin the NHRCP courses you must be certified by PADI or SSI as an Advanced Level Diver. This means that non-divers coming to do the program must first complete the Open Water course (3 Days, 9,800 THB) and the Advanced Course (2-3 Days, 8,500 THB). Both of which can be done with the New Heaven Dive School. Thus, a non-diver coming for 2 weeks would spend the first week learning to dive, and the second week learning the conservation. The course prices above would then be changed to reflect this, so please write to us with your specific situation so we can quote you the correct price.

Also note that participants must be able to carry a gear bag on and off the boat, ascend stairs, and work outside and should be of physical condition to do so.

Diving is about expanding your limits; increasing your potential. And we should take that same attitude with us after we leave the water. By encouraging stewardship and responsible business practices we believe dive schools will soon be rated not by how many certifications they pump out, but by their social and environmental impact.



Coral Reef Conservation Team, February 2013

Coral Reef Conservation Team, February 2013

Intern Job Description

Job Title:                             Assistant Teacher and Volunteer Group Leader

Location:                             Koh Tao, Thailand

Stipend:                               Unpaid (for school credit only)

Time Frame:                      2 month minimum-6 month maximum

Internship Hours:            Monday-Friday, 9 am-5pm, occasional activities on weekends

Supervisor:                         Chad Scott, Program Director

Organization:                    New Heaven Reef Conservation Program, New Heaven Dive School, Chalok Ban Kao,

Koh Tao, Suratthani, Thailand, 84360


Summary of Position: The Reef Conservation Program (RCP) Intern will assist new students with land and underwater (SCUBA) coral research and restoration and ensuring that data are entered into the computer after each research activity.  The intern will also be responsible for completing an independent project which addresses conservation issues or advances current conservation projects on the island. Additionally, there will be opportunities to volunteer with a community based group on the island during weekly projects.  Interns will be involved in regular underwater research and restoration activities using SCUBA equipment, training and certifications through PADI or SSI are available on site.

Teaching coral genera

NHRCP Intern, Ben, helps a new student to learn how to identify coral genera

Specific Duties: (training will be provided)

  • Assist students with equipment preparation each morning
  • Attend all lectures and encourage productive discussion during group activities
  • Assist on the dive boat with equipment set-up and perform a pre-dive safety check with each student
  • Monitor students while diving and assist in current research or restoration activities. Enter data collected and ensure that all journals and dive log books are updated each day
  • Complete an independent project of the interns choice, including written report

Educational Objectives: Interns for the RCP will complete intensive training in Marine and Coral reef Ecology, Research, and Restoration and work on a variety of real world projects (Changes seasonally, including but not limited to: Sea Turtle Releases/Head-starting, Coral Nurseries, Giant Clam Nurseries, Underwater clean-ups, Biorock Artificial Reef maintenance and installation, reef surveys, water testing, tree/grass planting.)  Interns will gain experience working in an administrative position with a market based conservation program and a community based social and environmental group in a foreign country with other international students.

Evaluation: Interns will be evaluated during their training based on their ability and dedication to learning the required course information through lectures, readings, and activities. As an assistant teacher,  the intern will be evaluated based on their ability to effectively assist and work together with students completing 3 day-4 week programs. Interns will also be evaluated on their independent research, honors, or thesis project that will need to be conducted during their stay (may be finished after leaving program, but a copy should be sent to the RCP after completion.)

Having fun between dives

NHRCP Intern, Sebastian, shows off between dives. Never take life to seriously, find joy in all that you do!


  • Training and certification in underwater conservation and research through Conservation Diver
  • Discounted SCUBA instruction and RCP program costs
  • Experience working with a wide range of developing reef restoration techniques
  • Research, honors, or graduate thesis development and writing assistance
  • College credit (if applicable)
  • Full access to years of data and research in the Gulf of Thailand
  • Being a part of our fun conservation team on the paradise island of Koh Tao
  • Fun activities each day involving SCUBA Diving, Snorkeling, and hiking.
  • Student Packet including T-shirt, and access to all EMP Data


  • Current enrollment in a college or university (or proof of future attendance for “Gap Year” students)
  • Affiliation with a professor or advisor from who will be a primary advisor for the internship or thesis project.
  • Willingness to learn and work independently and assist in the learning of others
  • Proficient written and verbal skills, familiarity with computer programs such as Microsoft Excel and Word
  • Familiarity with basic chemistry, math, and earth sciences
  • Must be able to swim and be comfortable in water, able to work outside, and carry a dive bag (approx. 20lbs).
  • PADI,  SSI, NAUI, or CMAS SCUBA Certifications for Open Water and Advanced Open Water Diver (can be completed on site before starting internship program)

Pau looking out from the Sattakut WreckHelpful Qualifications:

  • PADI or SSI Rescue Diver Certification
  • PADI or SSI Divemaster/Dive Conductor Certification
  • CPR/First Aid Training
  • Previous experience in data collection methods and techniques
  • Proficiency in advanced computer programs such as ArcGIS, SPSS, Microsoft Access, or other data analysis/presentation programs.

Notes: The intern will be responsible for all personal costs including: transportation to and from the island, accommodation, food, and diving certifications. Equipment and materials for the program will be supplied. For special assistance, estimation of costs, grant application/writing help, or to inquire about scholarships please contact the conservation team for more information.


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