Shark Ecology and Population Studies Certification Program

Shark Ecology and Population Studies Certification Program

Shark Ecology Training ProgramPrerequisites




Understand the importance of sharks in the marine ecosystem, global and local threats to shark populations, and shark identification.

Learn how to survey for sharks and the various methods available to estimate abundance and diversity.

Practice surveying for sharks while snorkeling or diving and record data on the sharks observed

Know how to enter data into the NHRCP database and also partners such as and the eShark Project.


Shark Survey Training ProgramRequirements

  • Attend 1 lecture on Shark Ecology and Population Studies
  • Perform a dive OR snorkel to observe sharks
  • Record data on shark observations
  • Enter data into NHRCP and partner databases

Expected course time about 5 hours.


This certification recognizes participants of the NHRCP for their learning and skill development while participating in the RCP Program. The price for NHRCP Students and Interns is just 500 baht per card, If you are interested in receiving this certification but are not a current NHRCP student please contact us for pricing.

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