Sea Turtle Ecology and Head-starting Program

Sea Turlte Conservation CoursesSea Turtle Ecology and Head-starting Program





Learn about the ecology, evolutionary history, threats, and identification of sea turtles

Understand the basics behind sea turtle head-starting programs as well as the science and debate about such initiatives

Attending briefing on the seaturtle nursery and understand how the system operates and how to troubleshoot the flow through system

Know how to monitor sea turtle growth and maintain the nursery

Know how to perform the water quality check



  • Attend 1 lecture and 1 practical briefing
  • Take data on sea turtle growth (weight and shell length)
  • Perform cleaning, feeding, and maintenance activities
  • Identify a sea turtle during a dive/snorkel and report the data on the Save Koh Tao Marine Branch website [Optional]

Expected course time about 5 hours


This certification recognizes participants of the NHRCP for their learning and skill development while participating in the RCP Program. The price for NHRCP Students and Interns is just 500 baht per card, If you are interested in receiving this certification but are not a current NHRCP student please contact us for pricing.

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