Nudibranch Ecology and ID Course

Nudibranch Ecology and ID Course



Be certified as an advanced diver under a leading diving organization (PADI, SSI, etc) (must include at least 1 deep dive)

Demonstrate proper diving ability at an Advanced Level and be proficient in buoyancy and self-awareness.

Complete the invertebrate survey of the Koh Tao Ecological Monitoring Program




Be able to differentiate between different types of sea slugs using anatomical differences

Learn about different survey methods (endo-benthic, quadrat sampling) used to survey for marine invertebrates in the muck.

Be familiar with the hierarchical structure of taxonomy (phyla to species).

Learn about the differences between morphological and molecular identification for marine invertebrates.

Understand the ecological and economic role of sea slugs globally




  • Attend the nudibranch and sea slug lecture
  • Conduct a minimum of 2 different muck survey techniques.
  • Conduct muck surveys at a minimum of 2 different sites.
  • Complete identification of 2 different species (photos) using online and library resources
  • Locate and identify a sea slug during an EMP invertebrate survey

Expected course time about 8 hours


This certification recognizes participants of the NHRCP for their learning and skill development while participating in the RCP Program. The price for NHRCP Students and Interns is just 500 baht per card, If you are interested in receiving this certification but are not a current NHRCP student please contact us for pricing.

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