Artificial Reef Theory and Techniques Certification Program

Artificial Reef Theory and Techniques Certification Program


Artificial Reef Training ProgramPrerequisites

Be certified as an advanced diver under a leading diving organization (PADI, SSI, etc) (must include at least 1 deep dive)

Demonstrate proper diving ability at an Advanced Level and be proficient in buoyancy and self-awareness.

Be certified in the NHRCP Coral Nursery Theory and Techniques Program



Understand the use and applications of artificial reefs and the differences between different artificial reefs types and materials

Learn the practical standards and techniques for maintaining and monitoring artificial reefs

Be able to identify the threats/disturbance history to a coral reef area and deicide if artificial reefs are necessary, and which type of structure to use.

Understand potential reasons for failure in artificial reef projects and the importance of proper planning and regular, long term maintenance.

Learn to design and build an artificial reef structure specific to a chosen location using local techniques and standards

Deploy an artificial reef and transplant corals onto the structure


Artificial Reef Training Program 2Requirements

  • Attend the artificial reef lecture
  • Construct and deploy an artificial reef structure
  • Attend 3 dive briefings
  • Perform 3 artificial reef dives (1) Maintenance and observation dive (2) monitoring and data Collection (3) deployment and attachment of coral from the coral nursery
  • Practice at least 3 different transplanting techniques (Underwater epoxy, small line/cable ties, ropes, underwater drill)

Minimum course duration 10 hours


IMPORTANT NOTE: Receiving this certification recognizes your ability to maintain and monitor artificial reefs with the New Heaven Reef Conservation Program at the Adopt-A-Reef sites as listed by the Save Koh Tao Community Group, the Prince of Songkla University, and the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources. This certification DOES NOT permit you to construct or deploy new artificial reefs in other areas. Please be sure to check with local laws and regulations in other locations or countries, as adding reef structures and altering sea beds is generally illegal without government permission and oversight.


This certification recognizes participants of the NHRCP for their learning and skill development while participating in the RCP Program. The price for NHRCP Students and Interns is just 500 baht per card, If you are interested in receiving this certification but are not a current NHRCP student please contact us for pricing.

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