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Monitoring Giant Clams, thailand

Monitoring Giant Clam Nurseries in the Eco Diver Program

Most trained SCUBA divers plan their trips based on the marine life they want to see, but how many base them on the marine life they wish to save? If you are one of those people that not only want to experience nature, but also want to be a positive influence on it, an eco-related dive course may be just what you want.


What is an Eco Dive Course?

Eco- or conservation diving for many places just means being responsible about not contacting the reef, being respectful to marine life, cleaning up marine debris, and following the other codes of conduct. At the New Heaven Reef Conservation Program we think those actions should be the minimum standard, but these don’t make you an eco-diver. Conservation diving is not just about reducing our negative impacts on the marine environment, it is about taking a proactive role in the monitoring, protection, and restoration of the world’s coral reefs.


What will I learn in an Eco Dive Course?

Students learn about coral histology on Koh Tao, Thailand

Eco Diver Students learn about coral histology on Koh Tao, Thailand

As divers, we have one of the closest relationships with the coral reefs, and are in one of the best positions to do something about it. In our program you will learn about the basics of coral reef ecology, and then quickly progress on to learn about the scientific methods and techniques used to monitor and research our reefs. Monitoring and research is the first vital step in the management of the ecosystems, as it can identify the problems or threats to reef health and resilience. As you understand more about the threats to coral reefs, you will learn techniques for their protection and restoration through artificial reefs, coral and fish nurseries, giant clam and sea turtle head-starting programs, mooring buoy installations, and much much more.

Not only is this kind of work vital to the long-term sustainability of marine ecosystems, it is also exciting and rewarding.  Diving everyday with our fun team of reef enthusiasts on a tropical paradise island, performing hands-on work with corals or sea turtles, constructing artificial reefs and other projects underwater.  .  . Truly the experience of a lifetime.


What are my Eco Diving Options with the New Heaven Reef Conservation Program?

Our courses run between 3 days and 4 weeks, and we have plenty of options to accommodate all levels of divers and marine enthusiasts, see the links below for more options:


NHRCP Eco Diver Team, Summer 2013

NHRCP Eco Diver Team, Summer 2013

How/Where so I sign up for an Eco Dive Course?

Don’t wait any longer, come and take an eco-diving course with the New Heaven Reef Conservation Program and let us show you what a life changing experience it can be. Contact us now for more information, or find out more about the courses and projects we offer.

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