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Here you can view and purchase some of our T-Shirts and other merchandise. All proceeds from the sales of these items goes to support the New Heaven Reef Conservation Program. Thank you for your purchase.


NHRCP T-Shirts














Get your own NHRCP T-Shirt. Show your support of the oceans and help support our program by ordering one of these great T-Shirts.

Price: 500 THB Each

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The Koh Tao Ecological Monitoring Program Manual














The second edition of the Ecological Monitoring Program Manual – 160 color pages with tons of great photos from the island. Includes sections on Coral Reef Ecology, Fish and invertebrate identification, coral type and health assessments, coral diseases, advanced monitoring techniques, and much more.

Price: 1,800 THB

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Marine Life Identification Underwater Slates









Check out these great marine life ID slates, hand drawn by Pau Urgell. The slates are designed to compliment the EMP Manual, but can be used by any divers or snorkelers who want to know more about what they see underwater.

Price: 700 THB per set

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Hand Signal Charts













Improve your underwater communication skills with these helpful hand signal charts (prints are laminated by use on boats)

Price: 300 THB

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Stay tuned, more items coming soon. . .