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Land Activities

Planting Trees

Planting Trees

Most of the problems that coral reefs are experiencing is not coming from human actions at sea, but from the land.

Everything we do throughout our daily life has an impact to these delicate environments. As the saying goes ‘_____ always flow downhill’, and the reefs are downhill of us all. Pollution, sediment, soils, nutrients, and more all are released from human activities and greatly affect both the health and diversity of our refs.

This is why we not only have to focus our conservation efforts on the marine ecosystems, but we also have to work on land.

Since our program started we have involved our students and ourselves in a wide range of land projects, including:

  • Clean-ups and beautification projects
  • Tree and grass planting
  • Erosion control and check dam construction
  • Water testing
  • Parades and awareness events
  • Socio-economic and visitor surveys
  • Organic gardening, EM production, and composting
  • Zoning and Land use meetings with the government and community
  • Swimming and SCUBA lessons with local kids
  • And much more…
Places to Recycle

Places to Recycle

When you come to do our program you not only get to learn about the reef ecosystems, but you will be able to learn about many sustainable living methods that can be integrated into your daily life no matter where you live. It is our goal to help students develop a wide range of skill sets that can help themselves, our society, and our planet.
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