Conservation Links

Conservation Links

Click on the logos below to check out some of partners and friends.


CD_logo1_coralConservation Diver

Conservation Diver is the training organization that issues the certifications for our conservation programs. In addition to training programs they also have educational materials and career head-starter programs.



DMCRDepartment of Marine and Coastal Resources

The DMCR is a Thai government body in charge of monitoring and setting regulations for coastal areas throughout the country. On Koh Tao, the DMCR is instrumental in many of our coral reef research, protection, and restoration projects.




Greenfins ThailandGreenFins-Thailand

GreenFins is an international program to increase awareness, skills, and participation of local stakeholders in the monitoring and protection of coral reefs. Green Fins in Thailand is coordinated from the Phuket Marine Biological Center.


iSeahorse_logo_reverse is a citizen based research project to gather information and population data about seahorses world wide. Divers can contribute their seahorse sightings to help.


LGT_VP_Logo_cmykEstablished in 2007, LGT Venture Philanthropy (LGT VP) is a global impact investor supporting organizations with outstanding social and environmental impact. Headquartered in Zurich with local teams in Latin America, Africa, Europe, India, Southeast Asia, and China, LGT VP is committed to improving the quality of life of less advantaged people in developing and emerging countries, specifically in the areas of education, health and sanitation, agriculture and forestry, renewable energy, and information and communications technologies (ICT).



Love WildlifeLove Wildlife Foundation

Love Wildlife is a non-profit foundation registered in the country of Thailand, and in the State of Texas (U.S.A.) as a foreign non-profit. We work hard at educating the younger generations about the importance of wildlife and their connection to the world we all live in.


Personal Overseas DevelopmentPOD – Personal Overseas Development

PoD is a leading non-profit organisation arranging ethical, inspiring and supported volunteering opportunities around the world. We work with long term projects that we know personally and where there is genuine benefit to local communities.


Volunteer Work AbroadVolunteer Work Thailand

Volunteer Work Thailand is a non-profit organization that disseminates information about volunteer opportunities throughout Thailand.



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