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Save Koh Tao

Save Koh Tao is a community group which has been created over the last few years by Local residents who wish to address the environmental and social problems being faced on the Island. The group is built of members who wish strongly to preserve our local culture, coral Reefs, and land resources while at the same time ensuring the long term sustainability of the Island economy.

Many members of the group have lived on Koh Tao for a long time and have seen drastic changes on the island, both positive and negative. We believe that through education, conservation, and careful planning the beauty and health of the island can be preserved for ourselves and future generations to enjoy.

The Save Koh Tao group is divided into three branches; Education, Land Conservation, and Marine Conservation. Each are all equally important and function together to address the various issues being faced around the island.

In the future, we hope to increase the amount of scientific or university collaborations and professional involvement with the various b ranches of the group. By increasing the involvement and developing research programs we hope to not only preserve our island, but act as a role model for island communities around the world.

 “Save Koh Tao, to preserve the paradise where we live and work by increasing awareness and involvement in activities and programs which support or enrich the natural environment and local community.”

To find out more information and how you can get involved please look up our link to the Save Koh Tao web sites… &