Low Season on Koh Tao

Beautiful diving on Koh TaoMany tourists coming to Thailand assume that June is right in the middle of the monsoon season, the low season for tourist. In some respects they are right. After around the full moon in the month of May Big winds start blowing in from the Indian ocean, creating 2-7 meter waves on a regular bases until the winds, waves and rain subside in Novemeber. Although this doesn’t sound very enticing for the average tourist the good news is this does no apply to koh Tao, or for that matter the other sister islands Koh Samui and Koh Phangan. This island group is located on the East Coast of Thailand, in the Thai Gulf. Our monsoon season is a different time (starts in November).

During this period on Koh Tao we mainly have sunny days. Visibility this year has been fantastic. We are located in the tropical zone so the weather is difficult to predicts, but usually this is a great time to come to Koh Tao, the beaches are empty and the weather is great. Check the current weather forecast in koh tao or contact us to get the most up to date info.