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Wreck Diver

Wreck DivingThrough the PADI Wreck Diver Specialty course, you get the skills,knowledge and procedures you need to answer the call of wreck diving.

You drift down and pass through a window into the past. As you near the bottom, a recognizable shape begins to form.

First, you see a straight line, then a round window. Next, a ship materializes in front of you. As you look at the wreck, past and the present meet.

Whether sunk intentionally or tragically, whether a sunken ship, a plane or an automobile, the call of wrecks is nearly irresistible to divers.

Through the PADI Wreck Diver Specialty course, you get the skills, knowledge and procedures you need to answer the call of wreck diving.

Dive the HTMS Sattakut ”LCI 742” was sunk on 18th June 2011 after an Navy ceremony.

Explore the past in the present with the PADI Wreck Diver Specialty course.

What You Learn

Techniques for diving exploring shipwrecks, and how to avoid common hazards

How to research and learn the background of your favorite wrecks

Wreck scuba diving equipment considerations

Considerations and techniques for entering intact wrecks

Experience in planning, organizing and making at least four wreck dives under the supervision of your PADI Instructor


Min Age                                  : 15

Prerequisite Certification  :  Advanced Diver or qualifying Rating.

Scuba Gear You’ll Need     : Basic Scuba gear, Dive Computer, Some accessories, Dive light.

Dives                                       : 4 Dives


Price                                        : 4 Dives with standard air 7500 Baht ( Dive computer renting Price 700 for course)

                                                   4 Dives with Nitrox  9900 Baht


Sattakut WreckHTMS Sattakut Details

Displacement 246 t.(light), 264 t. (landing), 419 t.(loaded)

Length 49 m

Beam 7 mm

Draft Light 3′ 1½” mean, Landing, 2′ 8″ forward, 4′ 10″ aft, Loaded, 5′ 4″ forward, 5′ 11″ aft

Speed 16 kts (max.), 14 kts maximum continuous


LCI(L) Complement 4 Officers, 24 Enlisted

LCI(G) Complement 5 Officers, 65 Enlisted

LCI(M) Complement 4 Officers, 49 Enlisted

LCI(L) Troop Capacity 6 Officers, 182 Enlisted

LCI(L) Cargo Capacity 75 tons


Armor 2″ plastic splinter protection on gun turrets, conning tower and pilot house


Endurance 4,000 miles at 12 kts, loaded, 500 miles at 15 kts; and 110 tons of fuel

LCI(L) Armament five single 20mm guns, one bow mounted, one each port and starboard forward of wheelhouse, one each port and starboard aft of wheelhouse, on some LCIs two .50 cal machine guns were added

LCI(G) Armament two 40mm guns, four 20mm guns, six .50cal machine guns, 10 MK7 rocket launchers

LCI(M) Armament one single 40mm gun, forward, four 20mm guns, three 4.2mm chemical mortars mounted in three 4ft x 4ft wooden walled 2″ x 6″ high sand boxes on the well deck with the three tripod mortar tubes in position to fire forward over the bow, No. 2 Troop Compartment (under well deck) converted to a magazine

Fuel Capacity 130 tons, lube oil 200 gal.

Propulsion two sets of 4 GM diesels, 4 per shaft, BHP 1,600, twin variable pitch propellers
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