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Rescue Diver and EFR

To do this course you must already be an advanced diver or have an equivalent level of certification. Rescue diver is the preliminary step to becoming a professional diver, by this stage you should already feel completely comfortable with your own abilities underwater, as you need to start learning about taking care of others. Both the PADI and SSI rescue diver courses requires that the student has medical training. If you have medical training already it needs to be valid within the last 2 years & you need to bring proof of your certification with you. Otherwise we can offer you the Emergency First Response Course.

Emergency First Response

This short half day course can be taken by divers and non- divers. The information you learn is extremely useful, the kind of knowledge that everyone should have, if you find yourself in a situation where someone needs your help. You will learn about handling emergency situation involving many different scenarios including; unconscious patient, bleeding, shock, strains and fractures to name a few. You will be using some of the skills you learn on the rescue course however there is no need to be a diver to complete this course.

Price 3500 baht

Rescue Diver

The rescue course is 3 days. You will take part in many different exercises involving stress and rescue situations. Both on the land and in the sea you instructors will show and teach you strong techniques that will improve your awareness in accident management and diving emergencies to make you a more competent and useful diving partner. The theory exercises end with a multiple choice exam which you can go through with your instructors. In water practices finish with you rescuing an unconscious victim from the depths, bring the victim back on the boat, arranging a mock evacuation and providing necessary medical care to the victim. While this is all serious stuff, the course is so much fun; your instructors will take you though the correct procedures to handle these situations in a calm and comfortable manner. You will also be looking at the equipment in more detail to be able to know how to respond in case of a problem as well as learning how to conduct underwater and surface search patterns in the case of a missing diver. This is a more challenging course than the previous two however for sure you will become a much more competent diver once you have completed this program. You may well have fallen in love with diving once you have come this far, so dive master training looks good for you.

Price 9500 baht

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