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Open Water Diver

Designed for the beginner, this course will introduce you to the wonders of the aquatic realm. Most people start with this course which will teach you the basics of scuba diving over 3 days. You must be at least 10 years old and be able to swim all scuba dive courses are fun, educational and enjoyable.

The Open Water course is divided into modules. It consists of five academic sessions, two shallow water sessions, and then four open water dives in the ocean. During the academic sessions you will learn basic dive theory and safety together with your instructor and through independent self study.

The confined sessions teach all the skills you will need for diving in deeper water. You learn first in shallow areas to build up your confidence and knowledge then move into deeper water to practice the skills again.

Our experienced instructors will know when you’re ready to take your open water dives, which will allow you to experience Koh Tao’s most fantastic dive sites from shallow water reefs to underwater pinnacles. You will see many new creatures of every description, this course really is an eye opener to the variety of life we have on the coral reef.

Once you complete the final theory session you will be issued your license which enables you to dive to a depth of 18 meters with a buddy who is also a certified diver, at all diving destinations in the world!

We adapt the pace of the class to meet individual needs, sometimes people need more time to get comfortable, in that case your course might be 1 day longer with more shallow practice before you move into deeper water. We have the time if you need it, we are not in a rush to get you though the course, but rather try to be flexible with the course to suit your needs.

We will provide you with all the equipment you will need for the duration of the course, including course materials, boats trips and snacks between dives.
Price: 9800 baht
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