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We highly recommend this course for those of you who have the time. The course includes a minimum of 60 dives which you can spread out over the course of a few months. Think of it ….. Diving every day on a tropical island!!!! It is guaranteed to be a part of your life you will never forget. When you finish the course you will have an opportunity to work in the diving industry as a qualified Dive Master. Maybe you start something that will change your life forever.

We recommend a minimum of 6 weeks to complete this course although less time is needed if you have a lot of diving experience.  During this time you will learn how to be supervising general diving activities for certified divers eventually leading certified divers on fun dives. As well as this you will assist different instructors with student divers in training. The third component of this course is to improve your skills and test your limits in the water. You will be required to perform a variety of swim tests to check your endurance and physical fitness.  You will also learn how to demonstrate dive skills at an instructor level, which will also prepare you  to move up to the next level in the dive profession, instructor.

You will follow the staff here with their work and become part of the team. The course is divided into both practical and theoretical knowledge, there are eight exams to get through which you will complete along with your instructor. The exams cover topics such as diving physiology, decompression theory, and dive equipment as well as other topics of interest. The course is run as an internship and you will need to come to the dive school every day and help with other activities such as taking care of the equipment and looking after the divers once they arrive in the shop etc. Of course this also means you can join yoga class at 5.30 sunset on the veranda overlooking the bay.

Divemaster training is a great experience and time we can share together, learning and enjoying the simple things in life. You need to have completed the other courses to advance to this level and once you become a Dive Master the whole world really is your oyster.

Price 25000 baht
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