The Team

Current Team

We are proud to present our team. Here at New Heaven we seem to be incredibly fortunate, our dive leaders have all been individuals who share the same spirit of adventure, from all walks of life and from every corner of the earth. Many of our divemasters and instructors started as beginners with us here on Koh Tao. They enjoyed their underwater and the Koh Tao experience so much they made it a part of their lives. Hopefully there will be much more interaction with new faces in the future and of course we would love to see those old faces back again…

Past Team and Other friends

Since opening in 1995 we have met many great souls passing this way on their travels; some joining us for fun dives, some for dive courses and others just for chilling out.  Since the beginning we have loved and protected the seas because webelieve in the spirit of the oceanas a way to connect people to each other.

We are so happy to be in a position to be able to give people a chanceto meet and connect, to share and enjoy life at its best.

Here in Koh Tao, we have had many friends come dive with us and enjoy our friendship. Every year they come back visit us, if not they can follow the dive school activities from Facebook.

Divemaster Trainees and Marine Conservationcourses bring the people here for longer periods, they give us many nice thing and of course they all go home happy, with increased knowledge about the marine environment for sure, but also sometimes about life.

Everybody is welcome here, those who have been before we thank you all for coming here and giving us the energy to maintain our policy and keep the dive school small, relax and fun.

Thank you guys for joining and help us.

New heaven family getting bigger every day.

Enjoy the life…..