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Diver‘Small is beautiful’

Since the beginning we have aimed to live up to our name.

New Heaven is a business but one with a different point of view than most. Our main priority is not to maximize profits but is to enjoy the life that the business brings. We call it a new business philosophy, one that can provide a quality service without using up the earth’s valuable resources wastefully. Here we are in the business of diving so we see it only natural to want to protect the environment we are making our living from.

These days the over population of the planet is increasingly putting a strain on its delicate eco systems. Coral reefs are one of the most threaten systems with some reports claiming there will be no reefs left in as little as 50 years. While we realize that the nature is bigger and more powerful than the human influence, we also believe that small steps in the right direction go a long way in finding solutions to our immediate problems. With this in mind we conduct our dive school with a drive and passion to protect the marine eco system, education and learning is an important part of our dive school.


SunsetWe are not into factory style diving.

Certified divers, Fun Diving,will be in the same small groups as our Dive Courses allowing you to see more fish instead of other divers. Koh Tao has become a busy diving center and this means crowded dive sites, we leave 2 hours later than most other schools , by the time we get to the dive sites the other boats are already gone.

Making only one trip (two dives) per day our dives are relaxed and we are not in a rush, you can enjoy the sea and all the coastal scenery no one is looking at their watch!!!
As a company we believe in real eco tourism, we do our best to support and maintain the local environment we work with. So many people are jumping on the eco band wagon, but without action, all the talk and pretty pictures don’t add up to much.

You can see the long list of environmental activities we have been involved with if you browse this website. We hope you can join us to enjoy the seas and to protect the wonderful nature we have here on koh tao.