SCUBA Diving courses at our Dive School








Like most dive schools on koh tao we offer both PADI and SSI dive course. However at New Heaven Dive School we also have a unique opportunity for our divers to make Marine Conservation Course.

Surprisingly only a few dive operators on the island offer marine conservation course, but at New Heaven we have courses from 1 day up to three months. If you would like to learn more about the marine eco-system and help to protect natural habitat, then this is a fantastic way to spend your time. You will need to be an advance diver to join our program, but don’t worry if you are a beginner, our program is open to everybody with a desire to learn and help in the protection of the oceans.

Of course if you are a beginner then the Open Water Course will be the start for you. This courses takes 3 days and takes you from a complete beginner to diving under the oceans to a depth of 18 meters. I cannot explain in words what a wonderful feeling it is to dive under the  sea. It really feels like you are flying under water, so relaxing yet at the same time exciting, adrenaline rushes though your body in slow motion.

May be you are not so sure if you want to spend 3 days of your holidays learning how to dive, or maybe you are short on time or money and you would still like to discover the underwater world. In this case i would recommend the one day course, Discover Scuba Diving. We start this course a little later in the day than most other operations on the island. We meet at 9 am. in the morning and after an hour or so at the dive school we set you off to the boat to get your first underwater experience. Starting off in really shallow water allows you to get use to the scuba equipment and different skills you have to master, before setting off to the coral reef. Yes you will have the opportunity to dive and see the beautiful colours of all the tropical fish on your very first dive. We do not make any beginner dives in swimming pools, why should we, we have the amazing coral reef right on our doorstep.

If you have already made the Open Water and you would like to take your diving to the next level then the Advanced Open Water is the course for you. Five more dives learning advanced diving skills under the watchful eye of one of our professional instructors. You will learn to dive deeper into the ocean (30 meters) and how to navigate your way around the dive sites. Maybe try Night Diving on this course and see how the reef has a complete new set of creatures out in the darkness. If photography is one of your interests then you can also take a photography dive on this course,a great way to bring your memories home with you. Once this course is completed you can also join us on our marine conservation courses.

Still further along the diving ladder we have more courses, after the advance course it is the Rescue Diver and EFR . In many ways i see this as the first steps to becoming a professional diver, by the time you reach this level you should be feeling completely comfortable with your own diving skills, so now it’s time to learn how to look after other divers. The rescue course is a lot of serious fun. The instructor will make role-plays were you will search and recover missing divers, get them back on the boat and administer the necessary First Aid.So many important skills to learn and as always at New Heaven our instructors make sure you learn well but also in a relaxed manner. The maximum group sizes as in all our scuba courses is only 4 people.

Dive master Training is a much longer course, cpurses are 4-6 weeks depening on your current diving experience(you need at least 40 dives to start the dive master training course).During the period of at least one month you will have the opportunity not only to dive everyday but to experience living on a tropical island. To be honest most of the people who have come to make the dive master training program have the time of there lives here on the island. Its such a good way to spend a part of your life, diving everyday, relaxing with good company, enjoying the simple and easy lifestyle. Oh and not to forget the diving !!!!!

We hope you will join us for some more fun and amazing days on Koh Tao, I have been living here for more than 16 years and met so many excellent people, i hope to see all here again at New Heaven.