NHRCP Represents at the Marine Science Conference


"Go with the Flow" by Sirachai 'Shin' Arunrugtichai (Macro-life)

“Go with the Flow” by Sirachai ‘Shin’ Arunrugtichai (Macro-life)

The 4th Thailand Marine Science Conference held in 2014 was attended by over 500 researchers, policy makers, and academics from around Thailand. The 3 day event was a great opportunity for those working in corals reefs around the country to come together, share their knowledge, and inspire others with their experiences. Both Chad and Shin from the New Heaven Reef Conservation Program were also in attendance, and managed to score some of the top places in the photography competition and the poster presentation.


For the photography contest, there were three categories; Behavior and Biodiveristy, Macro-life, and Scientists and the Sea. Shin walked away with 4 awards;

  • the Grand prize and the Popular vote for Behavior and Biodiversity,
  • and both the 2nd place and the Popular vote for Macro-life.

Chad won:

  • the Grand prize for the Macro-life category,
  • and placed 2nd in the Scientists and the sea category.

You can see some of the photos at right and below.

"Toothpick" By Sirachai 'Shin' Arunrugtichai (Behavior and Biodiversity)

“Toothpick” By Sirachai ‘Shin’ Arunrugtichai (Behavior and Biodiversity)


Chad also submitted a poster presentation about the community based coastal management model being developed by the Save Koh Tao Group, which received 3rd place. Chad also gave an oral presentation abotu the coral spwning work being done by the NHRCP, and some of the results of 4 years of that program. It was a good opportunity to share some of the findings and work of the NHRCP to other leaders in the conservation of Thai reefs, and strengthen the networks our team has with others in the country.


The conference was put on through the cooperation of over 20 universities and government groups, but special recognition should be given to Ajarn Sakanan Platong and the team from CBiPT at Prince of Songkla University who did an incredible job of organizing and running the event. The proceedings for the event should be released towards the end of the year, and will include a manuscript submitted by the NHRCP about the Selective Coral Breeding for Restoration Feedstock program we have been developing since 2010.


One of the best things about these conferences is getting to see old friends like the team at PSU, the DMCR, and other universities we have worked with in the past; and meeting our heroes whose work we have been following for years. It also brings us great hope for the future looking around and seeing the next generation of Thai marine scientists that will one day be in charge of understanding, protecting, and conserving the country’s abundant coastal resources  We look forward to the next conference, until then we are confident that the people who presented at the conference will keep up with their fascinating and important research and management work.

"The Doctor is In" By Chad Scott (Scientists and the Reef)

“The Doctor is In” By Chad Scott (Scientists and the Reef)

"Me, Myself. and I" by Chad Scott (Macro-life)

“Me, Myself. and I” by Chad Scott (Macro-life)