jump in, the waters great!

This has been an amazing year for diving on Koh Tao. The water has been clear and warm, about 28 degrees, comfortable for us and the corals. In fact, the corals have had an amazing year for growth, keeping the conservation team busy on their underwater gardening efforts. Most days this year the viz has been over 15-25 meters, making it a great year to explore new areas and discover new things.
With the great water quality has come an increase in marine diversity and abundance, with our divers spotting many new animals every month. The normal whaleshark season in March has lasted pretty much all year, to the delight of everybody here. Also new to us this year was:

  • Saragossa Frogfish
  • Spotted Eagle Ray (at the Hin Fai Biorock)
  • Many Reef Octopuses
  • Bumphead Parrotfish
  • Flathead or Crocodile fish
  • And much more. . .(see some of the images in our galleries)


Each day we are amazed, inspired, and stricken with awe. A year such as this reminds us of how privileged we are to experience the beauty of nature, and how lucky we are to share it with friends and family!