New Heaven Dive School Dive Master Training

The PADI Divemaster Training Courses is one of the most fun times you can have as a SCUBA diver. This course runs from 4-8 weeks depending on your present level and includes diving every day twice a day for the duration of your course. Not only will you learn to become a professional Dive Leader, you will also have the opportunity to live and experience the real Koh Tao Island life.

During the course you will learn how to look after and lead dives for recreational divers fun dives and assist our Instructors on all PADI dive courses. We hope that all DMT students have one of their best times of their lives at New Heaven. After a few weeks the DMT’s become an integral part of our team, helping around the shop and adding their own personalities to the atmosphere of the dive school.



We have shared great days with all of our Divemaster students both pass and present and still dive with many of them when they return to Koh Tao. The latest Divemaster to join our professional ranks was Stephanie Shih-yu Cheng,   A concert pianist, who is taking a diving break before starting a new adventure in Kuwait to teach music at a university.   Ira Coppee From Germany who is also a teacher, both of course love the sea and now both are professional dive masters in it. We wish them all the best as they continue their journeys.