New Heaven Pledges to be Fin Free

Recently, all of the businesses under New Heaven pledged with Fin Free Thailand to ensure that shark products are never sold here, and that we actively campaign for the protection of sharks. We are proud to join with other businesses and resorts across Thailand in this campaign, which is being locally led by the FREELAND Foundation, Love Wildlife Foundation, and Thailand.


Fin Free at New Heaven


Under this pledge we affirm that we will never sell any shark related products at New Heaven Dive School, Baan Talay Resort, New Heaven Resort, and Koppee Bakery. Additionally, all of those locations will also actively promote to consumers and guests about shark awareness and the environmental costs of shark fishing and trade.


But it doesn’t end there for us, through the New Heaven Reef Conservation Program we are also undertaking the following activities:


We hope you join us in protecting our planet’s shark populations, and be sure to follow along with some of the amazing photographs and research work being done by NHRCP Co-Director, Shin Arunrugstichai, as he studies shark populations around the country.