Changes In the Garden

Sea Turtle Nursery PondsIf you have been around New heaven the last few weeks you would have seen our Burmese work force building a new set of stairs for the second floor of the dive school. We hope the new stair way will lead more students to the path of yoga as daily classes are taken place there Monday to Saturday 11am -1pm and again Monday to Sunday5.30 pm to 7pm (yoga classes info here)

Also you will notice the newly constructed Turtle ponds where we intend to look after and nurse 21 baby sea turtles back to the sea, we have cleaned up the beach area and hopefully we can use the area to good effect. We plan to bring the local school kids to the dive school soon so they can learn about some of the wonderful marine creatures that live around their island. Feeding time is at around 5 pm so if you are around please come to join us.