What kind of SCUBA diver are you?

Divers practice their buoyancy skills in the sand

In the past few decades, SCUBA diving has risen from a fascination of the adventurous to a popular sport for people of all ages and interests. The sport has grown so much that today most people are not only learning to dive, but learning to specialize in some of the many different facets of available diving activities. If you have a love for diving, then maybe it is time you asked yourself what you enjoy most about it, and find ways to enrich your diving experience with new training and opportunities.

Have you ever been on a dive you didn’t like? The answer is probably no. But if the answer is yes, then you should think about what was lacking in that dive experience, and what you would have liked to do differently during the dive. Would you have gone deeper, stayed longer, taken better pictures, or dived a different site?

For many, diving is an adventure into a new underwater world to explore and push your personal limits. For these people, taking a PADI or SSI Deep Dive, Wreck Diving, or Intro to Technical Diving course may be the way to continue moving forward into new areas and to new depths. For those looking to share their adventure, taking courses in underwater photography or videography can be the start of a new hobby or profession.

Divers descend to the Trident Wreck on Koh Tao

Others of us have come to the sport after experiencing the wonder and beauty of the coral reefs while snorkeling. Diving is a way to extend the snorkeling experience, and spend more time up close with the animals we love to see. Many of these divers are happy enough touring the reefs and swimming with the local whale sharks, but others may want to find ways to give back to the reef in a positive way. For those divers, conservation and scientific diving may be the way forward. These types of diving not only teach you to understand the ecology of the reefs, but also provide you hands-on training in ways to restore and improve the reef health. This is also a great way for students to go abroad on their gap year and volunteer in some of the most beautiful places around the world.

A diver tends to an artifical reef strucutre at Buoyancy World

A diver tends to an artificial reef structure at Buoyancy World

For some people, diving is so amazing that they don’t want to go home. For these folks, Divemaster and Instructor courses are the gateway to working in the diving industry in a job which is both fun and rewarding. After entering the diving industry as a professional, you have the ability to experience the greatest things that diving has to offer, specialize in whatever type of diving you enjoy, share the experience with others, and get paid doing it.

Whatever your interest, there is probably a SCUBA specialty to fit it. Lack of experience or training should not be seen as a limit, but as an opportunity to learn and enjoy something new. Part of the thrill of diving is learning and experiencing new things, and wherever you holiday you should find places that will cater to your individual style of diving.

We offer a wide range of specialty dive courses at New Heaven, please see our pages on available Dive Courses, Specialties, and Conservation Courses for more information.