The New Heaven Team

We are proud to present our team. Here at New Heaven we seem to be incredibly fortunate, our dive leaders have all been individuals who share the same spirit of adventure, from all walks of life and from every corner of the earth. Many of our divemasters and instructors started as beginners with us here on Koh Tao. They enjoyed their underwater and the Koh Tao experience so much they made it a part of their lives. Hopefully there will be much more interaction with new faces in the future and of course we would love to see those old faces back again…

Devrim (The Little Boss)

Devrim (Dev) was the Co-founder of the New Heaven Dive School all the way back In 1995. The Island was a different place then and Dev and Kong (Dev's Partner and brother-in-law) opened the dive school as Divemaster !!! Later that year Dev became the first Instructor at New Heaven, a role he still takes sometimes although these days most of his time is spent teaching Yoga and Freediving as well as managing the day to day activities of the Dive School, the New Heaven Reef Conservation Program and being a Conservation Diver Instructor

In 2004 Dev opened the New Heaven Yoga school and then in 2006 the Marine Conservation Branch of the dive school with Chad Scott.
As well as taking part in these activities you can also find Dev greeting and meeting guests at the reception at New Heaven Dive School or our sister resort Baan Talay Resort & Yoga.
Dev's life goals is to explore fully the depth of what it means to be a human being, and not to do it comptemplating in a cave, but from living life fully. His life philposohy 'live the life you love and love the life you live'.


Kaen (the Big Boss)

p'Kaen is the owner of New Heaven Dive School, local community coordinator, board member of Save Koh Tao, restaurant owner of Koppee Espresso Bar and Restaurant, and Baan Talay Resort & Yoga a talented chef and creator of delicious bread, cakes and treats. She is always the mother of 3 now adult children and the perfect party fixer.
She has been a founding member of all conservation activities on Koh Tao both land and marine tying local Thai and expat community together. 
She always bring with her a wonderfule smile, energy and enthusiasm.

Jan (Scuba Diving Instructor)

Jan has been teaching Scuba diving at New Heaven for the last 3 years, we are so happy to have him here sharing his passion and knowledge about the underwater world. As well as diving he is also an excellent chef and dedicated yogi, so there will always be a mind opening conversation going on.
“I fell in love with the ocean at a very young age and was inseparable since. I was diving even before I could swim. I became certified scuba diver when my idol Jacques-Yves Cousteau was still alive and since then I was gaining underwater experience all around the world. Being a dive professional for more than 15 years, I want to share my knowledge with everyone that’s excited about the wonders of the depth”.

Khan (Dive master)

Khan is the son of Devrim and Kaen.
He is a Koh Tao-boy, born and raised here with a couple of years away when he has in school.
He has been diving on Koh Tao almost his whole life. I think it would be hard to find someone more passionate about diving Koh Tao as him. He is also probably the most relaxed person in our dive school, and he brings that relaxation when leading our customers, showing them the big, the small, the beauty and happy to share an advice or two.

Ran (Dive Instructor and conservation assistant)

Ran is our man with many talents. He has not only worked as a dive instructor for over 20 years in Thailand. He is also a videographer who has worked in the Thai film industry. He has worked as a stunt man and now he will be joining New Heaven Reef Conservation Program  as assistant Conservation Diver instructor.
His interest in marine conservation is building artificial reefs and sharing his knowledge to the Thai community.
Ran is assistant conservation diver instructor.

Evgeniya (Yoga Teacher & Divemaster)

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Kyra (Free Diving Instructor)

Kyra is a passionate Freediving Instructor who believes free diving is a form of yoga, a “weightless journey beneath the surface on one breath”. She loves being able to share her love for freediving with anyone who will listen and aims to give students the time and energy they need to become safe and strong freedivers.

Front Office and Housekeeping Team

You will be met at the pier by our Taxi driver (Ohm) who will greet you with a broad smile. It is a short 5-minute drive to our dive school reception area where you will be welcomed by our Front Office team (Bee and Maria). These wonderful Ladies will help you with the check-in and arrange any diving or yoga classes that you may have booked, as well as giving you relevant information about Koh Tao that you may need.
Once you have checked in the Housekeeping staff will show you to your chosen room, which has been kept spotless and clean by the lovely Win and her well-drilled team. They not only clean the rooms but also the dive school, yoga studio, gardens, beach and surrounding areas, please take time during your stay to acknowledge and appreciate these lovely people.


Boat Captains & Boat Assistance

We would go now where if it was not for these guys, they deserve more than a mention, even though they rarely take the limelight and are hardly ever seen on our videos or social media pages. Captain Sai and Captain Dong are both experienced Boatmen who were previously working in the Thai fishing industry. Captain Sai joined us 10 years ago and Captain Dong much more recently two years ago, both understand our Eco Friendly philosophy as well as being masters of the sea so we feel we have two of the best Captains on the island with these two men.
As well as our fantastic Boat Captains we have 3 brothers, all from Myanmar, who help to run our divers two and from the dive school to the boats, as well as fill and maintain the scuba tanks, maintain the boats and scuba equipment, look after and the dive school clean and maintained, welcome our guests and carry their bags on arrival, the list could go on.....
These guys are like the engine of the dive school, without their daily attention and care with the equipment and machinery there would not be much diving going on. You can show your appreciation by leaving a small tip, it will be well received.

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