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    Have a Beautiful Day

  • Good Morning Koh Tao

    Good Morning Koh Tao

Koh Tao is a paradise island located in the Gulf of Thailand. The name in English means ‘Turtle Island’ as there use to be an abundance of turtles around its shores. The island also looks like a turtle if approached from it’s southern end, the earlier settlers from the surrounding islands of Koh Phangan and Koh Samui, saw ‘Turtle Island’ first as they sailed to the island in their small sailing vessels some 60 years ago and became the first people to make a home here.

In the early years the island was one of fisherman and farmers, with the rich diversity of nature and untouched soils and coral reefs the local inhabitants were able to carve out a relaxed and sustainable way of living. The population steadily grew and from the mid-70’s the first tourist began to arrive on the island. What the first tourist found was truly paradise, which of course lead to more and more people coming. By the beginning of the 90’s the island already had a small tourist industry and the first dive schools opened.

A few turned in 100’s and then 1000’s until now days the island can accommodate nearly 500000 tourist visiting each year. Of course the island has changed but somehow still manages to keep that same relaxed and wonderful atmosphere that the very first tourist found.

Koh Tao Weather

Koh is an unique island in that it can be visited all year round. There is always find a bay where the sea is calm so you can dive or snorkel somewhere on the island throughout the year.

We do have a short rainy season from November to the end of December, but even at that time the weather can be great.
January to March is know as the dry season as the weather generally warms up to hot steamy days, with some rain coming in fits and starts.

Most people avoid Thailand during May and June, as they mistakenly think it’s the monsoon season. The monsoon at that time of the year is on the west coast of Thailand effecting islands such as Phuket, Phi Phi, Koh Lanta etc., while on the east side of Thailand we can get some of the best conditions of the year.
July and August is the peak Season, the island is full of summer tourist from Europe looking to experience the Thai adventure. The weather cools somewhat at this time of the year so it is also perfect time to be here.

My favourite time of year is September through to October, where we have perfect temperatures matched with a wonderful cooling breeze.
All in all the weather is good at any time (its never cold !!) but being a tropical location it can rain at any time, weather patterns around the world have been effected by climate change and Koh Tao is no different so the above descriptions is just a generalization, whatever the weather we always enjoy our days here.

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